Privacy Policy

This policy covers how we treat personal information that we collect in the course of conducting our business. Personal information is information identifiable about you including your name, address, phone number, IP address and other information not generally available publicly.

We collect and maintain personal information in electronic and paper form. We acquire personal information when you request utility service or when you contract with us to perform services. We may also collect personal information from selected third-party sources, such as a business who provides information on homeowners within a given geographic area, or from other companies in our industry. We may combine personal information collected from you with information from these other sources in order to improve the efficiency our services.

We do not rent or sell personal information about you with any nonaffiliated person or third party. We only share personal information with third parties in certain circumstances, Terms & Conditions including when complying with a legal process or order, preventing fraud or imminent harm, reviewing the security of our network and procedures, or to properly conduct our business.

When we use third parties to assist us in processes that utilize personal information, we require that they comply with appropriate confidentiality and security measures. We also utilize confidentiality and security measures within our City to prevent the accidental dissemination of personal information by or to unauthorized persons or entities.